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Rocks & Crystals

We purchase rocks, minerals, and crystals from around the world. From a "pocket stone" to a show room centerpiece, we have a vast selection to choose from.

Gifts & Souvenirs

Whether it be a quick gift for a special occasion or a specimen that will be handed down from generation to generation, we are a unique gift center.

Art & Home Décor

Wood carvings from Indonesia. Stone carvings from Zimbabwe, Argentina, and Brazil. Fossils from Canada, Madagascar, and Morocco. Butterflies from Peru.

What our customers are saying about us..

"I loved this place so much when I went through on my way to a business engagement that I made sure to stop by again on my way back. We bought things for my kids as well as myself. My kids were so happy and loved everything! The people that were working on both occasions were some of the friendliest I've met!"

Teresa P.

"Hands down the best store of its kind. The people that helped us were stellar. The prices are fair and make shopping fun . They have really nice high end pieces as well as awesome unique affordable pieces too. We will visit again and can’t wait to visit again!!!"

Alex H.

"I live in southern Utah and any time my husband and I travel north we make sure to stop by Shade River Antiques. They have something for everyone and the prices are incredible! The people who work here are welcoming and very helpful in picking out items, too. I highly recommend this shop. Love this store!"

Kit K.

About Shade River Antiques

We are an online wholesale dealer in rocks, minerals, crystals, jewelry and antique/vintage products from around the world. We specialize in bulk sales to retail and individual businesses.

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